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Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift Platform
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Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift Platform :

Hydraulic Mobile Scissor Lift Platform- Model - MHMSLP

Aerial Maintenance Platform

Model Capacity Table size Max height Work height Total dimension Net weight
MHMSLP.3-4 300Kg 1500*750mm 4m 5.7m 1700*900*1100mm 630Kg
MHMSLP.3-6 300Kg 1500*750mm 6m 7.7m 1700*900*1300mm 760Kg
MHMSLP.3-8(S) 300Kg 1650*750mm 8m 9.7m 1870*900*1410mm 880Kg
MHMSLP.3-8(L) 300Kg 1800*1200mm 8m 9.7m 2300*1500*1420mm 1240Kg
MHMSLP.5-8 500Kg 1800*1200mm 8m 9.7m 2300*1500*1450mm 1400Kg
MHMSLP.8-8 800Kg 1800*1200mm 8m 9.7m 2300*1500*1540mm 1480Kg
MHMSLP.3-9 300Kg 1800*1200mm 9m 10.7m 2300*1500*1500mm 1000Kg
MHMSLP.5-9 500Kg 2000*1200mm 9m 10.7m 2500*1500*1550mm 1300Kg
MHMSLP.3-10 300Kg 2120*l200mm 10m 11.7m 2600*1500*1550mm 1400Kg
MHMSLP.5-10 500Kg 2120*l200mm 10m 11.7m 2600*1500*1550mm 1550Kg
MHMSLP-10 1000Kg 2120*l500mm 10m 11.7m 2600*1950*1740mm 1930Kg
MHMSLP3-11 300Kg 2120*1500mm 11m 12.7m 2600*1800*l660mm 1630Kg
MHMSLP.5-11 500Kg 2400*1500mm 11m 12.7m 2900*1800*1720mm 2040Kg
MHMSLP.3-12 300Kg 2600*1500mm 12m 13.7m 3050*1950*1740mm 2170Kg
MHMSLP1-12 1000Kg 2600*1700mm 12m 13.7m 3120*l900*2000mm 3200Kg
MHMSLP.3-14 300Kg 2950*1500mm 14m 15.7m 3450*1950*l950mm 2630Kg
MHMSLP 3-16 300Kg 3500*l800mm 16m 17.7m 4010*2000*2000mm 4200Kg
MHMSLP .3-18A 300Kg 3500*l800mm 18m 19.7m 4010*2000*2200mm 4550Kg
MHMSLP .3-l8B 300Kg 4050*2000mm 18m 19.7m 4750*2200*2550mm 4700Kg

General description and advantages:
This lift is made of high-duty rolled steel. It can be moved conveniently, and has bigger platform, bigger lifting capacity to take several people to work on it together.
This kind lift platform has several models on different standards.
  1. Lifting height: 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m and 18m etc.
  2. Loading capacity: 100kg, 200kg, 300kg and 2000kg etc.

Supplying capacity:
We have regular model of lift kept in our warehouse, they can be delivered as soon as the order comes. Or we manufacture the machine according to the order that the customer gives, with special design.
Power driven:
The usual power supply is external connection electricity variety of 220v, 240v, 380v, 400v. and they also can be equipped with handle control, in case the power is not available that the lift can work.
Changeable items:
  1. The control button is all put on the ground panel, but they can be changed onto the platform or controlled by a remote controller.
  2. The tire of the lift can be chosen from MGW tire or solid tire or other kinds.
  3. The power supply can be changed to diesel driven power to meet the need where the electricity is not available. Or the machine is implanted with anti-explosive for the environment
This tire lift is suit for street lamp repairing, aerial work, aerial work, suspension equipments in the workshop, square, gas station, electricity equipment maintaining, and steel structure building.
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