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Semi Electric Stacker
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Semi Electric Stacker :

Semi Electric Stacker- Model - MSES- 5/10/15

Capacity: 500/1000/1500 kg .


Semi Electric Stacker
Material Handing Equipments:
Pump Wheels
Semi Electric Stacker Semi Electric Stacker
Easy access to pump makes MSES5/10/15 , Easy to service MSES5/10/15 are supplied with extra salient Nylon Wheels
Semi Electric Stacker
MSES 5 MSES 10/15
  • Basic capacity 500kg
  • Electric lift, Manual driving
  • Lift heights-
    1600mm With mono mast
    2000mm With telescopic mast
    2850mm With telescopic mast
  • Basic capacity 1000/1500kg
  • Electric lift, Manual driving
  • Lift heights-
    1600mm With mono mast
    2000mm With telescopic mast
    2850mm With telescopic mast
    3350mm With telescopic mast
  • Centrally placed steering arm with compulsively controlled support wheel

MSES 5 /10/15 are light manoeuvrable stackers with battery operated lifting function with a capacity from 500kg to 1500kg.

MSES 5 /10/15 is extremely versatile, as loading and stacking takes place with the same machine. Further more this type of stacker can profitably be used as an adjustable worktable. This low-priced machine is a time saver and economical.

MSES 5 /10/15 is versatile for industries and enterprises such as press shops etc. They are equipped with a low-noised hydraulic pump.

The mast is made of quality steel and bent in C-profiles, together with the narrow cross-members that gives a light and very stable construction.The inner and outer masts are furnished with side thrust rollers preventing lateral play.

Carriage and Forks:
The carriage has an open centre section and low profile forks with inner reinforcements.
The outside fork spread is as standard 560mm, but 480mm can also be supplied
The standard fork length is 1150mm but 850mm can be supplied

Hydraulic System :
The battery operated lift pump is mounted on noise suppressing rubber blocks.The forks are lifted and lowered by means of an easily adjustable valve with built-in excess-pressure function preventing overload. All hydraulic hoses and fittings meet the SAE standard. The lowering speed of the forks is controlled by a lowering brake valve

Special Version: Galvanized.
Model MSES 10 MSES 15
 Capacity kg 1000 1500
 Lifting height mm 1600 2500 3000 1600 2500 3000
 Load center mm 600 600
Overal Height  Lowered height of fork mm 2010 1770 2010 2010 1770 2010
Raised height mm 2010 2970 2970 2010 2970 2970
Lifting Speed Unloaden mm/s 64-107 83-127 86-120 64-107 83-125 86-120
Laden mm/s 64-107 83-127 25-120 64-107 83-125 25-120
Lowering Speed Unloaden mm/s Controllable Controllable
Laden mm/s
 Overall fork width/length (MSES 5/10/15) mm 560*1150 560*1150
 Overall legs width (MSES 10/15) mm 1067 1067
 Overall Length mm 1600 1600
 Fork width mm 160 160
 Self weight kg 320 370 400 330 428 487
Dimension of wheel Steering wheel mm Φ200/Φ180 Φ200/Φ180
Front wheel mm Φ80 Φ80
 Battery   12V/120Ah 12V/120Ah
 Charger   220V/12A 220V/12A

Electric manual stacker is designed for the in-between handling application that require power lift, but do not require driver.
  • Moves large bulky crated and skids easily.
  • Intergrated hydraulic system( pump, valve) with heavy-duty 12volt battery with build-in 12-amp fully automatic battery charge and heavy-duty plug in cord.
  • With flow control valve located at base of lift cylinder that regulated lowering speed for safety.
  • Mast are fitted with heavy-duty roller bearing.
  • Heavy-duty chain with over 5 times capacity.
  • With drivers safety screen.
  • Floor lock brake that keeps stacker steady when lowering or lifting a load also for driver safety.
  • Battery capacity indictor.